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Join Jenny Hocking as she discusses her ten-year battle to secure the release of the Palace letters and the light they shed on the Whitlam Dismissal and her new book The Palace Letters.

10 Nov — The Whitlam Institute

16 Nov — Roaring Stories

18 Nov — Dymphna Clark Lecture

23 Nov — Moreland City Libraries

25 Nov — Readings Books

8 Dec — Byron Bay Writers Festival

The Palace Letters

A political betrayal.
A constitutional crisis.
A hidden correspondence.

Gough Whitlam was a progressive prime minister whose reign from 1972 proved tumultuous after 23 years of conservative government in Australia. After a second election victory in May 1974, when a hostile Senate refused to vote on his 1975 budget, the political deadlock that ensued culminated in Whitlam’s unexpected and deeply controversial dismissal by the governor-general, Sir John Kerr.

Kerr was in close touch with the Palace during this period, but, under the cover of being designated as personal, that correspondence was locked away…

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Jenny Hocking

Jenny Hocking is emeritus professor at Monash University, Distinguished…

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